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Modern Technology Has Made Life Easier For Us

Think back and imagine life, say…around a hundred years ago. Imagine a life without mobile phones and laptops. Imagine streets without vehicles or toxic smokes; imagine a life without commercial planes or jets.

Imagine a life without internet…!Simply imagining this has given us a new-found appreciation for modern technology and all the ease that it brings to our day-to-day living. Here are our top 5 examples of it.

No more long queues at the bankGone are the days when you had to stand in line to simply check your bank balance or find out if your money has been deposited into your account. Now all that can happen in an instant; from where ever you choose to do it! Most banks now-a-days have both internet banking and mobile banking. They even have collaborations with local SMS marketing to send you a message whenever money has been withdrawn or deposited from your account, know more at

Shopping from a fingertipIf you ever find yourself stuck at home, unable to go out to buy your groceries or whatever else you desire; you no longer have to worry about it. If you live in Australia, then we are sure you are very familiar with online grocery shopping. Apart from delivering your items right to your doorstep, most businesses that use this online shopping system, also uses a sms service provider based to identify their loyal customers and reward them.

 What’s your preference; traveling to study? Or studying from home?Whatever your choice is, modern technology has made it possible for us…! With the advancement and development in transportation, flying overseas to pursue your education is no big deal. Most of the time, you can travel back home in a matter of hours if not shorter. And you never feel home sick as technology has also helped to improve our communication mediums; internet calls and video calls are an overseas student’s best friend!

Traveling the world? Or traveling to the next town?It has never been this easy before. Through the internet, you can now book hotels around the globe in your desired date. Booking tickets; be it for trains, flights or even special tourist events is not a problem at all. These too can be done through apps on your smart phone. And since most travel agencies now have applications of their own, you are never ride-less.  And all of the above was just us scratching the surface of how technology has helped and improved our lives in general, to know more about SMS API, visit this site.